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Prevent injury while planting trees!

Want that edge out on the block? Learn from me – Kerri (hi!). I’m a retired tree planter and now Athletic Therapist, blending my passions to help you. Together we will learn injury-preventing movements to help you get fit, stay healthy and prepare your body for the upcoming season!

Available Now for the 2024 season!

Please message (on fb, insta or reddit), email me ( or fill out THIS FORM for a 20% off coupon code that’s good for:
– Tree planter: 10-week Conditioning Program
– Tree Planting Biomechanics: Reduce Injury and Increase Efficiency
– The Tree Planting Bundle (which includes the 2 courses!)


Who are these courses this for?

Tree Planters!! High baller status can be achieved through determination, hard work and learning the proper movements for planting trees. Create resiliency through your movements to prevent injury from happen during the season. Feel good while you do it 🙂 These courses are for people that are:

  • Willing to put the time in now to build and learn proper movement patterns, strength and mobility specific to tree planting
  • Willing to put in the time now to learn the ‘why’ behind these specific movements and how they prevent injury during the season
  • Create resiliency physically and mentally before the season, to have a longer, pain free planting season!
  • Someone needing accountability: I’ll give you tools and resources to succeed and I will always be available for questions!
  • Veteran or rookie tree planters

Want to learn a bit more? Here’s a link to the Tree Planting Pro Tips blog

Tree planter: 10-week Conditioning Program

This course helps prepare you physically and mentally for the upcoming tree planting season! This course is for 10-weeks and there are prepared workouts, mobility classes and endurance training already mapped out for you!

Tree Planting Biomechanics: Reduce Injury and Increase Efficiency

This self paced course, we will take the art of planting a tree and break it down into fundamental movement blocks. These blocks will focus on learning the proper biomechanics at each joint of create a fundamental movement pattern. Then we will build these blocks back up together to create a tree planting movement pattern that reduces injury and the ultimate: increasing efficiency.

Tree Planter Bundle!!

Includes both courses:

  • 10-week Conditioning Program
  • Tree Planting Biomechanics: Reduce Injury & Increase Efficiency

This bundle will be available for purchase on January 13th 2024, once the 10-week program is live.

Recommended to purchase these courses together for the most benefit of injury prevention & season preparation! The biomechanics course breaks down fundamental movements of planting. The conditioning program then integrates and strengthens those fundamental movement patterns to efficiently plant a tree. Set yourself up for success this season!


Tree Planting Pro Tips blog

Click around for some wisdom, tips and tricks, and things to consider to help you have a great tree planting season!