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Tree Planting Biomechanics: Reduce Injury & Increase Efficiency

Learning fundamental biomechanics movements of planting a tree. We will go through mobility and strengthening exercises to achieve these movements. Significantly reduce your chance of injury while at the same time increasing your efficiency on the block!

Tree Planting Biomechanics: Reduce Injury & Increase Efficiency

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In this self paced course, we will take the art of planting a tree and break it down into fundamental movement blocks. These blocks will focus on learning the proper biomechanics at each joint of create a fundamental movement pattern. Then we will build these blocks back up together to create a tree planting movement pattern that reduces injury and the ultimate: Increasing efficiency.

This course is great for rookies and vets looking to decrease their chances of injury and also increase efficiency on the block!

Yes, you can get wrist/thumb tendonitis because you don’t bend forward properly! We will break this down, along with other common compensations that may lead to injury.

From the preventative perspective, we will start from the literal core to create stability and then work out way into the bigger movements like bending over, creating a hole in the dirt, taking a seedling out of your bag and putting it in the ground. This course focuses on learning key cues, positions and movements for your own body to optimize movement and prevent injury. We will constantly return to these fundamental movements during the course, so get ready to learn or change your default movement pattern.

A great result of learning and mastering these fundamental movements for tree planting, is that it will help you be more efficient while out on the block. If your body is moving in harmony and you aren’t pushing through compensation, battling with soreness or injury, or overthinking movement – your potential to earn more money by planting trees significantly increases. Flow state is real and if your body can learn the basic movements right from the get-go, you will default into these basic fundamental and efficient movements without having to think too much.


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