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Learn and move for free!

Learn and experience the building blocks of a healthy and active lifestyle! Join me for a FREE weekly movement class and lots of other free resources that contribute to your overall health and well-being. Lets learn the fundamentals of movement!

Who is this FREE membership this for?

People that are excited to learn the fundamentals of movement. With a free online movement class, this free membership will keep you accountable weekly and feeling great from wherever you are!

  • Willing to move your body in ways that may not be regular movement for you (injury prevention)
  • Someone looking for structured classes that targets common areas of the body that need movement, strength or stability
  • Anyone that says: “I should stretch more”, “I’m always stiff here”, “I should really move more”, etc.
  • Anyone that needs accountability for movement – I’ll be waiting for you!

This membership includes the FREE Monday Morning Movement class @9am & free online learning including; downloadable PDFs, webinars and fundamental movement and self-release techniques to keep you mobile and strong!


Monday Morning Movement class

Start your week off right by joining me Monday mornings at 9am for a FREE Online Movement Class! These classes will be up to 30 minutes in length and we will explore movement, get limber and set yourself up for success for the upcoming week. Come for one, or come for all! Classes are built for all skill levels. Link will be sent in booking and reminder emails. This class will not be recorded, live attendance only.


Videos & PDFs for your learning!

Cruise around the video library full of my favourite go-to movements, stretches and mobility exercises! There will also be some free recordings and PDFs about important health and movement related topics that I find people often overlook, or don’t have the basic knowledge about. For example.. Hydration and how important water and salts are for the body so that it can function day-to-day but also to prevent injury, heal and be able to continue doing the things you love!

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