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Tree planter: 10-week Conditioning Program

This program begins by setting up a baseline of general fitness, movement and strength. Then we gradually get into more tree planting specific exercises to help you prepare for the season and also help prevent injuries.

Tree Planter: 10-week Conditioning Program – Now Available!

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Price: 75 + tax

Course dates:

  • The program will be available for purchase starting January 13, 2024. This is for planters that: have an earlier start date, want more time for each phase, and/or would like more time in general to work around school, work, life etc.
  • The week of Feb 11, 2024 is ideal for purchase when you have a start date between April 20 – May 5, 2024. I will be holding the live/new mobility classes with this timeline.
  • Please review the FAQ at the bottom of this page


Welcome to the Tree  Planter: 10-week Conditioning Program. This course helps prepare you physically and mentally for the upcoming tree planting season!

This program is designed specifically for tree planters by a tree planter / Athletic Therapist. I’ve blended my expertise on: injury assessment, injury treatment, injury prevention, fitness, lifting and moving, and my 9 years of planting. My main goal is to help you get physically prepared for the upcoming tree planting season. This is an investment for injury prevention for your body. Be prepared for the season and hit the ground running once you get on the block – don’t waste time getting into shape at work, arrive ready. Your bank account will thank you.

This is a periodization program. Periodization programs are made to start off with mastering big motor movements, gaining strength and endurance and establishing a routine. Then, niches down towards sport specific movements and workouts so that you achieve ‘peak performance’ at the right time (for us: at the beginning of planting season). Check out the phases below, they are explained in more detail.


Phases of Periodization

Anatomical Adaptation
This phase is all about creating healthy movement patterns and routines. To create a solid foundation to build upon in the upcoming phases. Objectives: Intro to warm-up & cool-down. Fundamental movements. Intro to endurance.

Strength & Hypertrophy
Increasing strength and muscle hypertrophy is the name of this stage! Increasing weight, lowering reps and progressing exercises to load the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to gain strength to carry through the planting season. Objectives: Increase body awareness in movement. Increase muscular strength in movement, flexibility, endurance. Intro to planting specific movements.

Power & Plyometrics
This phase is where we really start turning up the dial in intensity as we shift more into planting specific exercises. Objectives: Increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility. Agility, plyometrics, power. Planting specific movements.

Plyometrics & Peaking
This phase is the most important as it encompasses everything learned since the first day of training. Power, strength, speed, agility, proprioception, coordination, balance, ROM, cardio endurance, muscle endurance, planting specific movements will all be combined and exercised. Objectives: Follow work schedule Increase efficiency of planting specific movements. Integrate planting bags, shovel and boots as much as possible.

Active Rest Weeks
The body needs rest and time to adapt to the changes made over the previous weeks. “Going through the motions” and maintaining all aspects learned so far, taking a break, reducing reps, etc. This is a time for rest so your body can repair.


What to Expect

  • Periodized Workouts: Weekly workouts made for you for each phase of periodization. This includes warm-ups, cools down, and exercises description videos!
  • 10-Week Calendar: With workout days, cardio days, recovery days, and rest days, mobility class, and fitness testing.
  • Fitness Testing: pre-program, mid-program and post-program testing to see your progress
  • Mobility Classes: To give you some tips and tricks to help with recovery and movement during this program, and also to bring with you into the tree planting season! Mobility classes will be held on Tuesdays @ 3pm PST (6pm EST). 9 classes starting Feb 13 – April 9. Recordings will be posted in the course. The mobility classes alone are worth the purchase!



Price: 75 + tax

Course dates:

  • The program will be available for purchase starting January 13, 2024. This is for planters that: have an earlier start date, want more time for each phase, and/or would like more time in general to work around school, work, life etc.
  • The week of Feb 11, 2024 is ideal for purchase when you have a start date between April 20 – May 5, 2024. I will be holding the live session with this timeline.
  • Please review the FAQ below

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When should I purchase the program?

Recommended to count out 10 weeks from your anticipated start date. If possible, I would also recommend to add a week or two on to that. This extra week can be used to accommodate for life/work/unexpected events that come up. If this happen, then you have wiggle room to adjust within the program and not feel like you are playing catch up. If nothing come up, then you can spend some extra time redoing some of your favourite workouts or spend a few more days in each phase. This is up to you!

    • The program will become available to purchase on January 13, 2024.
    • The week of February 11, 2023 is 10 weeks out if you have a start date between April 20 – May 4, 2024.


When does the program start?

The program will start whenever you purchase it. The content will become available to you weekly for 10 weeks. The weekly content will be released in the course platform.


When does the program end?

You will have access to all information for 8 months after your date of purchase.


What equipment do I need for this program?

Equipment I’ll recommend that you get and are relatively cheap: 2-3 therapy bands of different strengths, lacrosse ball, and a broom or hockey stick. If you have some dumbbells of at least 10-25lbs, would be beneficial as the program progresses, but is not necessary.

The program is built to be able to complete at home with the resources one may have access to. The exercises will be mainly body with the ability to increase weight when and where needed. But the program can easily be modified if you have workout equipment or go to a gym.

Examples of ways to be creative with adding weight to at-home workouts: 5-18L water jugs, cinder blocks, books or soup cans in a bag, etc.


What time commitment per day do I need?

Depending on the phase, about 1 hour a day would be required for about 4-7 days a week. Please use the calendar provided in the course to get an idea of what each phase requires (workout, cardio, mobility). You can se the suggested days, or change it around to better suit your schedule.


What is included with this program?

    • Calendar with workouts days, cardio days, mobility classes and fitness testing days. There is a schedule already laid out for you to follow (or use as a guide for your blank one), and then there is a blank schedule if you need to modify or create your own around your schedule.
    • Fitness testing exercises and descriptions to measure your skill for improvement. Fitness testing will be complete 3x during the program.
    • Daily workouts for each periodization phase. Includes sets, reps and suggested weight. Blank workout sheets to create your own modifications and notes.
    • Cardio schedule with parameters on how to measure your perceived output and heart rate.
    • Mobility classes that have been previously recorded, and live mobility classes weekly on Tuesdays @3pm PST (6pm EST) beginning February 13 – April 9, 2024
    • Access to me (Kerri!) for questions on the workouts, layout, help with organizing schedule, your technique, preventing injuries etc. Any questions you have I can help answer! I am also available for 30min virtual technique assessments for a discounted price for planters who are in the program.


Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds for this program.


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