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Tree Planter Bundle

Includes 2 courses to help you prepare and and remain injury-free this tree planting season!

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This Bundle includes the 2 courses below for $120 +tax

It’s recommended to purchase these courses together for the most benefit of injury prevention & season preparation! The biomechanics course breaks down fundamental movements of planting. The conditioning program then integrates and strengthens those fundamental movement patterns to efficiently plant a tree. Set yourself up for success this season!

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Tree Planter: 10-week Conditioning Program

Tree Planting Biomechanics: Reduce Injury & Increase Efficiency

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Purchase and refund policy:
– There is a No Refunds Policy for this bundle
– The 10-week conditioning program is available to you for 8 months after purchase.
– Please count out 10 weeks from your anticipated start date (and maybe an extra week to adjust for any setbacks).

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