On the Block: Setting yourself up for Success

This is a continuation post from Bush Camp: Setting yourself up for Success

Preparing yourself and having the right equipment can not only set you up for the weather that can happen (remember, that feeling of being safe and warm helps you prevent injuries), but also calms your mind so that you can focus on your movements. Find a few tips here below for some guidelines in how you can be prepared for a work day out on the block!

Work Gear:

  • Have a proper dry bag so everything stays dry and is usable when you need it
  • Extra work gloves to change during the day, or periodically during rain days
  • Always bring rain jacket and rain pants or wool layers
  • Make sure all your equipment fits properly, is working and possible have some spare parts and tools incase things break (shoe lace, belt buckle, bolts, etc).
  • Take care of your gear. Check it over every few shifts and make sure its still in good working condition

Work Clothes:

  • Have extra set of socks and/or base layers in your dry bag.
  • Bring extra shoes/sandals to get your feet out of your boots at the end of the day, especially for after a rain day or warm and damp from sweating.
  • Wrist warmers, neck warmer, toque. to keep vital areas (and injury susceptible areas) warm to keep your nervous system feeling safe.

Mental Health on the block:

  • Partner plant or share caches with someone
  • Have a speaker and listen to music or podcasts

Notice this list really has a little to do with actually planting trees? Most of the preparation, prevention and recovery for injury is actually when you are not working.

That leads me into a segue here: Learn how to move before your movement hurts you! Being on the block is reserved for planting trees, prepare yourself so that’s all you have to worry about out there. The courses that will help combat movement injuries:

Tree Planter: 10-week Conditioning Program

Tree Planting Biomechanics: Reduce Injury & Increase Efficiency

Happy Planting!

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