foot exercises to strengthen your feet

Feel Good: Feet

$15 + tax

In this ball rolling class for the foot, will get into the little nooks and crannies to mobilize & strengthen your intrinsic foot muscles and joints. Leave this class feeling and moving amazing!

Class recording  – 30 minutes – $15+tax

Did you know there are 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot!? And they all have to move! And if these bones and joints don’t move, the lack of mobility can cause pain in the ankle, knee, hip or low back causing conditions like: plantar fascitis, bunions, runners knee or piriformis syndrome.

You will need your own lacrosse ball. If you are in Williams Lake, I have some for sale at my clinic for $5. Please email me to secure one!

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Benefits of mobile feet:

      • increase mobility & strength
      • increase function & feeling
      • increase circulation & performance
      • increase balance & proprioception
      • decrease pain
      • whole body awareness and stability
      • wide healthy feet
      • reactive and strong intrisic foot muscles
      • I could go on and on, because the benefits to whole body are all amazing!

*Please note that this is an online class through zoom, then the class will be uploaded here for future viewing (whether you are able to attend or not), & you will need to purchase your own lacrosse ball.


Class Includes:

      • Class recording 
      • Handout with instructions
      • 30 minutes in length
      • Feet feeling amazing!

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