Athletic therapy decreases the chance of re-injury and can prevent future injuries from happening.

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    Here is where we find the cause and get you on the path to recovering from your injury!

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    Hands on treatment for a faster return to work and play!

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Women biking through woods who was helped with athletic therapy

PREVENT – Be active, stay active!

You take your car in for regular maintenance, why not your body? Come in regularly for ‘tune-up’ treatments to keep your body in tip top shape!

Hands on treatment from a certified Athletic Therapist can help you feel and perform at your best, catch imbalances before they become injuries and leave feeling relaxed and confident in your movement and activities. Receiving regular treatments can also help decrease and/or manage pain and discomfort, but can also keep your homework exercises relevant as your body improves and adapts.

Some tools ATs put in your tool box include:

  • Homework Exercises – The end all be all if you want to get better and stay better! Stretching, strengthening, postural exercises, breathing techniques, biomechanics and active movements will be the ultimate key in the success of your injury rehab and longevity.
  • Taping and joint support – We use traditional athletic taping (zinc), K-tape and Leukotape for ligament, tendon and muscle support during any phase of the injury rehabilitation process.

ASSESS – Find the cause

Find the cause, treat the cause, not just the symptoms!

A proper assessment starts with a thorough history: medical history, scars/surgeries, previous injuries, sports and activities you do or have been involved in, and different types jobs that you have worked. These are all essential to understanding how your body likes, or wants, to move. This is followed by a functional movement screen and special testing for the structures involved. These findings can give crucial insight to the injury type and severity, and will ultimately shape the upcoming treatment.

Different muscles of the human body
Athletic therapist practising on patient

TREAT – Get back to work and play!

Athletic Therapists are very hands on therapists. No machines in this clinic, but yes, lots of manual tools, techniques and exercise equipment. Clients get a full hour of 1-on-1 time with Kerri. A test-treat-test approach is taken to make sure the treatment is providing positive results. Creating an optimal environment for the body to heal itself is a major priority.

No two injuries are the same, therefore no two treatments should be treated the same! The type of injury, severity, and stage of healing, will indicate what type of treatment you will receive.

We also have Movement Courses and Tree Planting Courses that you utilize!