• Lizzie Bonis


    "I had been suffering from wrist pain for months which had been restricting not only my work but also my Pole Sport competition prep. I had seen physiotherapists, doctors & massage therapists with no results. I had been referred to Kerri from a friend & I cannot thank them enough. Kerri helped me heal and strengthen not only my wrist but also my arms, upper body and core which had been suffering from referred pain & instability. She also provided me with rehabilitation exercises & stretches to increase my strength & flexibility to assist with my training. Without her help, I would not have been able to train & ultimately compete at the Pole Sport Organization Canada West Nationals. I'll miss her being in Revelstoke, Williams Lake is so lucky to have her."

  • Person snowboarding with the help pf athletic therapy

    Leslie Hogg


    ‘I went to see Kerri when I started experiencing lower back pain for the first time. Not only was she able to relieve a lot of the discomfort but also diagnosed what was triggering the symptoms. With some helpful home exercises I’ve been able to see amazing results and a lot more range of motion in my lower back/hips’

  • Person mountain biking with the help pf athletic therapy

    Nate Corrigan


    "As most of us have a tendency to seek fixing when broken, rather than prevention. I visited Kerri after beating my body up physically to the point where my back / neck where so tight it produced migraines frequently. After Kerris treatments I could continue to race at a high level and get though the days racing. Her set of skills and methods are some of the best I've had world wide. Thank you for your help!"

  • Person dirt biking with the help pf athletic therapy

    Ashley Borlase


    "I started seeing Kerri after suffering from a back injury. At the time it was debilitating, even walking was uncomfortable. Being a very active person this injury not only took its toll on me physically but also mentally. Within a month Kerri had be back to the gym doing scaled movements and encouraged me to start slowing doing the activities I loved (even though I was terrified!). I’m now back to doing everything I love! I’ve learnt so much about how my body works and moves. It’s been 6 months since I started with Kerri and I can honestly say I’m a stronger athlete now than ever before because of her. Athletic therapy often flies under the radar but it shouldn’t, the knowledge you gain alone is priceless. Thank you Kerri for all your help, you’re a star!!!"

  • People white water rafting with the help pf athletic therapy

    Michael Adams


    "Excellent client care. Kerri is an extremely well educated therapist. Your appointment starts exactly when you book it, no waiting. Worth every penny! I originally started to see kerri about debilitating knee pain. The Knee pain became my limiting factor for pretty much all of my work and hobbies. I live an extremely physically demanding lifestyle. Between whitewater rafting, tree planting and skiing I depend on my body being functional every single day. I've done work with other therapist in the past. The two major difference between kerri and my past experiences, was the accuracy of which she diagnosed my pain, and the end level of rehabilitation achieved. My knee problem was in my shoulders. We started cupping therapy. Within a month I was feeling considerably less pain, my flexibility went through the roof. I was sleeping easier. This was exactly the results I came here for. The second month of therapy is where something completely unexpected happened. My confidence came back. I wasn't worried about a frail knee anymore. I was back to aggressively sending jumps and hitting moguls. I've never been so ready for a tree planting season. Kerri was a planter and gets it. She had me able to be planting more trees then I did in my twenties. I was breaking company records. Two days off and one cup session later and I'm back to rafting 52km a day. A seamless transition that would have been impossible without Kerri’s help."

  • Patient smiling with injury therapist

    Sanne deGroot


    ”As a fellow health care professional and personal friend of Kerri, I have been truly blessed to work alongside Kerri at different events , including the singletrack 6 events by Transrockies. Kerri’s professional and interpersonal skills are truly amazing. She has helped me recover from many injuries in the past 3 years. Thus, I can truly say that I’m sad that she moved away to Northern BC! Both her friendship and professional expertise will be missed intensely!"

  • Person cross country skiing with the help of rehabilitation therapist

    Graham Stark


    "Kerri was the first person that I ever had use cupping on me for trigger point release and it was *^$(&@! awesome. I am accustomed to therapists really digging in deep to release troublesome spots so it was a huge change to try the cupping which doesn't hurt. It achieves the same effect but more quickly (you can have multiple cups working on different spots) and without the same pain that you get from traditional trigger point release with a sadist at the wheel. I highly recommend a visit because you won't be disappointed."

  • Person fishing with the help of rehabilitation therapist

    Chris MacCallum


    "No one enjoys your pain more than Kerri."

  • Person biking with the help of rehabilitation therapist

    Ken King


    "I’ve been a mountain bike medic for 10+ years riding mountain bike courses, wilderness marathons and runs. Working with Kerri over the past few years, her Athletic Therapy has helped me and many other athletes maintain or improve our athletic ability. I would encourage any athlete with joint or muscle pain that is limiting your performance to seek Kerri’s Athletic Therapy. It will improve or at least maintain your performance."

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