Move better, feel better

Here we will explore the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the body moves the way it does, and develop better movement patterns to prevent injuries and aches. Oh yes – and feel good while we do it! Optimize your movement in a supportive and educational environment. Help yourself become your own therapist!

Who is this for?

This paid club is for anyone wanting a deeper understanding about their movement and well-being. Anyone wanting to put the time in to learn and experience the ‘why’ behind movement to prevent injuries and move through life pain-free!

  • Active individuals or people wanting to become more active in general
  • People who have been injured before, injury prone, currently rehabbing an injury or anyone looking to prevent injuries from occurring
  • Anyone wanting to learn and experience more about how their muscles, joints and other systems work together to achieve movement and optimal well-being.
  • Hungry for the tools and resources to learn about your own body to be able to troubleshoot and recognize injuries before they happen!

Feel Good Movement Club

  • Feel Good Thursday – weekly movement series
  • Self-release & mobilization techniques
  • Anatomy Corner + Q&A
  • And more!